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First-Rate Services From Consultants You Can Trust

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Our Services 


At Bridge Consulting Firm (BCF), nothing is more fulfilling than to help our clients receive the benefits they have been denied. We assist individuals in applying for their veteran’s disability compensation with the Veterans Administration for the injuries they received during their military service.

Widows and Dependents

Also, our professionals help widows and dependents of deceased veterans apply for benefits. We perform research and build their case by compiling the required documents and evidence to support their claims.

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Individuals With Disabilities 

By completing their applications, our consultants assist individuals applying for social security disability benefits with the Social Security Administration. While our clients are waiting for their claims to be processed, our professionals will help them in resubmitting any letters or correspondences they may receive throughout the approval process.

Contact Us 

We provide each of our clients with a free initial consultation. Prices of services will be covered at the initial consultation.

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